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Kanye West Branches Out

We’ve all seen celebrity product tie-ins before, but Kanye West might be breaking new ground by having his own energy drink (think Red Bull or equivalent). He’s signed a deal with Guru, who produce “100% natural and organic” drinks to create his own. The press release is full of waffle, but gives a little insight into why, besides cash, he’s doing it: “I express myself through music, fashion, art, and design, and that's why I am excited to collaborate with Guru…” If you don’t like energy drinks but still want a piece of Kanye, you have a second option, perfume. Yes, I suppose I should call it ‘fragrance’ as perfume is a bit girly, but he’s going to release a branded scent along with Rihanna. Get a bit of Kanye in or on you…he probably didn’t mean for phrases like that.

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