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Kasabian’s New Single is Free Download

Electro-rock fusing Kasabian have announced the first single off their third album is “Vlad the Impaler” (presumably named after the fifteen century Wallachian ruler famous for sticking his enemies on poles). However, you won’t have to buy it, because it’ll be available as a free download from their web site: but only for four days.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno told NME “After a few listens people will understand why it's first because it blows the doors off...I wanted it to have a Beastie Boys and Clash feel." Make sure you’re at Kasabian.co.uk from March 31st to get it. The download will be available after 7:30 pm, so you won’t have to sneak on at work. If you like the Mighty Boosh, check out the new video too, one of them’s in it.

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