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Keane Apologise

Keane’s reputation for being softies with bland, simpering tunes was further enforced this week when, having made a joke, they then apologised for it. When the band were playing the T in the Park festival singer Tom Chaplin shouted out “who the f**king hell are Blur?" as a reference to the small crowd they’d attracted as Blur were on at the same time. Fair enough. But they now, in either an attempt to squeeze some publicity out or because they’re a bit scared, they’ve told The Sun "You would never ever hear us say a bad word about Blur. I mean I went to see Blur so many times before they split up. They've been a major influence on us as a band and I'm totally in love with them…So no, I don't want to create some kind of feud with Blur. As I've always said, we're not a band who slags other bands off - I'd rather celebrate the good things about music." Oh get some backbone.

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