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La Roux’s Odd Domestic Violence Comments

It’s fair to say that Synth Pop duo La Roux are Britain’s newest popstars, with two hit singles and a probable hit album. But in an interview with The Quietus, singer Elly Jackson made some odd comments about domestic violence. In reply to a question about whether she thinks female artists are forced into using sex to sell, she replied: "It's really patronising to women. I know that there's far more ways to be sexy than to dress in a miniskirt and a tank top... I think you attract a certain kind of man by dressing like that. Women wonder why they get beaten up, or having relationships with arsehole men. Because you attracted one, you twat. It's a funny culture, it's definitely a funny culture.” What!? Have we gone back fifty years and resurrected the misogyny which blames women for being attacked? I thought this lived on in the dark corners of society, but from a young woman, a new role model?

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