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Lemonheads go under the Covers

The Lemonheads were alt. rock darlings of the early nineties, and one of their biggest hits was a cover of ‘Mrs Robinson’. They are now returning to those fields, releasing an album entirely of cover songs, including 'Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye' by Leonard Cohen. A number of guest stars have been successfully courted, including Liv Tyler on the Cohen track and Kate Moss on one called Dirty Robot. Perhaps the biggest surprise is a version of Beautiful, which was last a hit for Christina Aguilera.

The inspiration for Lemonheads lead singer Evan Dando was mix tapes given to him by Gibby Haynes. He told NME: "Making a good mix is an art, and Gibby has it down…I thought it would be fun to share these songs with other people like he shared them with me. So I picked the 'greatest hits' from his mixes and covered them..." The album is called Varshons (because spelling is so, like, uncool) and will be out in June.

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