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Leona Lewis has Hypnosis; Can we have it too?

Leona Lewis, reality television winner and singer of an inexplicably popular number 1, is having hypnosis to improve her confidence and live performance. Her management company have hired hypnotherapist to the wealthy Paul McKenna – viewers of a certain age will remember his embarrassing television shows – to deal with her nerves ahead of a fourteen month tour. The Sun quoted a source as saying: "Seeing as Leona is on the path to becoming a global touring powerhouse, no corners will be cut…She already has bags more poise and confidence than she used to but she's a natural born worrier…Bosses at Syco want to make sure her performance is as perfect and polished as an artist who has been around for years." All well and good, but can we have some to stop us automatically turning the radio off when Bleeding Love comes on?

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