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Liam Loses Rock Credentials... Over A Puppy

Ah, Liam Gallagher, frontman of Oasis. He of the quick temper, grumpy performances and blunt comment; in short, the perfect unreconstructed monosyllabic rock star. But now those rock n roll credentials have taken a hit after it emerged he and wife Nicole Appleton (yes, the lass from All Saints), made a phone call from LA to England to wish something well in a beauty contest. That something? An eighteen month old puppy. Yes, Liam Gallagher rang a puppy. And not a big, rottweiler or bulldog puppy either, but a daschund. Yunno, the ones which looks like a sausage on stumpy legs. Is there anything sadder than a man fawning, from thousands of miles, over a sausage dog? It didn’t win either.

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