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Madonna’s “Satanic Provocation”

Younger readers might only know Madonna as that old lady who still releases pop records when she’s not adopting half of Africa. But there was a time when she was a genuinely provocative performer, and she’s had her fair share of religious controversy. She’s stirred up another one now, by performing in Warsaw on a holy day called ‘Feast Of The Assumption when Mary ascended to Heaven’. You might be thinking, ‘that’s not a big deal’, but it’s newsworthy because of the reaction – some might say overreaction – of leading Poles. Lech Walesa, a hugely important figure and anti-communist leader, said "It is a Satanic provocation. I am a man of faith and ask for such events not to happen on such an important feast in my religion." Meanwhile Father Stanislaw Malkowski said "This is an attack by the devil on our immaculate Catholic nation. This concert is a profanity and blasphemous." Err, Satanic? An attack by the devil? What on earth are they going to do if Marilyn Manson tours? Burn him at the stake?

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