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Majority of Young Brits Still Download Illegally

There have been a few pieces of press recently suggesting the record industry is winning their “war” against illegal downloading/filesharing, but a new survey from the UK challenges that. Over 1800 14-24 year olds were questioned for an industry umbrella body called UK Music, and they discovered that the majority of young people still download illegally: 61%, down from 63% last year. Which you could see as either a bad thing or an improvement depending on whether your new BMW is dependent on record sales. More damningly for the internet, 78% of interviews said they wouldn’t pay for a streaming service like Spotify, showing that owning a track is still important, even if that ownership occurred less than legally. Other interesting stats were: 68% use their PC to listen to music everyday (the CD weeps in the corner) and the average user had 8159 tunes on their computer. Which is a pretty large collection for an under 24 year old to have acquired legally…ahem.

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