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Monkeys Recorded in Strange Desert Dome

The Arctic Monkeys have reached that point in their career where simply using an old fashioned recording studio isn’t enough. Instead, they recorded one song in a structure called ‘Integration’, which we can only describe as having been built by a mentalist. Singer Alex Turner puts it slightly differently when talking to Uncut: "It's a structure erected by a fellow called George Van Tassel…who had a visit in the night from some kind of being who instructed him to build an acoustically sound dome involving an electro-magnet…It's believed that the objective in building this thing was to recharge or rejuvenate human cells, except he never finished it before he died. It's a mad place. We did a little recording of 'Secret Door' there one night." Yes, the Monkeys really have reached -that- stage; presumably a house linked with the occult and then underwater is next. You’ll probably be able to guess that this was from the period they were recording with Josh Homme, who likes working out in deserts.

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