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Noel Gallagher’s £1 Million Drug Use

Noel Gallagher has a reputation for saying what he thinks, from arguing that Jay-Z shouldn’t be at Glastonbury to criticising whichever band comes within range of his guns that week. Now he’s given an interview to an Italian newspaper which runs counter to the ‘Don’t Take Drugs’ message kids get given in schools. Indeed, it’s more a eulogy for illegal substances: “I look at Chris Martin, who says he has never taken drugs in his life, and I think he is an idiot. Doing drugs is the most beautiful thing about being in a rock band…Up until 1998 I must have spent £1 million on drugs - then I stopped, because it is bad for your health, brain, life and for people around you. But while you use them - except for heroin which kills people and which I have never tried - as you lot would say, 'Mamma Mia'." A million quid? That’s a lot of drugs (I wonder if he got a discount for bulk purchases?) It must be frustrating for readers who have had a run in with the law to read about someone so high profile taking so many drugs without a prison sentence. Noel’s never been shy about his drug use, although he seems to have done a better job than Pete Doherty of keeping it all together.

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