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Nostalgia Alert: Madonna “Hits Collection” Coming

Is there a difference between the much maligned ‘Best Of’ and the current buzz word ‘Hits Collection’? I suppose the former can include album tracks, the latter you’d expect to be wall to wall with top chart action. But enough of the semantics, onto Madonna. The pop singer with the unfeasibly long career is going to release a new Hits Collection which should be a definitive look at her career, at least until she has some more hits, whereupon they’ll probably release a fourth (yes, this will be her third, ahem, best of). But no matter, enjoy the eighties cheese, the nineties transformations and the noughties feeling of trying just that little bit too hard on both a single and double CD, with tune suggestions taken from fans via Twitter. Of course it wouldn’t be a modern hit comp without some new tracks that haven’t actually been hits yet, and you’ll get one, plus a second song which should be chart topping by the album’s release date. There’ll also be a DVD of music videos.

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