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Oasis Listened to more than Blur?

Ah, the summer of 1995, where Blur and Oasis fought a massively hyped chart battle with two songs that weren’t any good, but still got to number 1 and 2. Blur won the battle, with ‘Country House’ taking the top spot, but Oasis said they’d win the war. Unnecessary military clichés aside, it appears Oasis did come out on top in the long term. PRS for Music, the body that collects the royalties for bands, have claimed that Oasis have garnered more plays than Blur. The chief executive of PRS said "These new figures showing that despite Blur winning the original battle, Oasis wins long-term by number of plays. However with both bands still working and their music being widely played the battle continues.” How does the fact that Blur took a good chunk of time away while Oasis continued releasing albums come into this? We’re not sure.

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