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Preston Goes For Doherty Chic

The Ordinary Boys had some minor success thanks to their lead singer Preston appearing on Big Brother and dating another contestant, but they were always a posturing band, attempting to look like a group of lads just out for a laugh while suffering from the sneaking suspicion that Preston was actually a swot. Now, in an attempt to promote his solo work, Preston has revealed he suffered from a drug addiction. But nothing like heroin, no, something preppy: sleeping pills. He told The Sun "I was doing so many drugs I didn't know who I was. I was a zombie for months. The pills I popped meant I had no memory of what I was doing. I woke up at home so many times with cuts all over my body and no idea where they came from." And what bought him out, what helped him through withdrawal? Err, philosophy: "I got engrossed with Malcolm Gladwell and Oliver James. They write accessible books about philosophy and sociology and these kept me sane while going through withdrawal." So a swot after all?

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