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Reznor Explains Change of Web Policy

Get offended and leave something once, you might have a point. Come back, get upset again and then leave for the second time, that puts you on the path of being a drama queen. So, Queen Trent of Reznor has been explaining on his forum why he quit twitter (again), although this time there was less insulting fat people and threatening violence, and more just explaining a legitimate grievance: "Around the time news broke of my engagement, a faction of troublemakers showed up whose sole intent was to disrupt, harass, insult and incite.”

There’s then an insight into why simply blocking these users on twitter won’t work (everyone else can still see them if they follow you a certain way), a dig at Twitter HQ – “I discussed this with some friends at Twitter who acknowledged the problem with a 'yeah, um, we're thinking about doing something about that - people are complaining' response. Not good enough." -and the final straw: someone poked fun at the deceased fan who Reznor was raising funds for, upsetting a relative: “It depresses me to think my art and life's work can attract this kind of scum, and trying to explain to Veronica why someone would stoop to that level of ignorance for attention-- and it's someone that because of me is in her world causing her pain... well, it sucks. If that was your intention, you trolling, cowardly pigs-- you've succeeded." All of which, quite sweetly, reveals that Reznor had better expectations for humanity than anyone who’s used the internet for ten minutes.

Oh yeah, and if this isn’t enough music in your news, Reznor clarifies “My best work is yet to come-- watch and see."

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