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Rock Star Musical News – Don’t Run Away!

Mixed news on two rock star penned musicals. The Spiderman project, written by Bono and The Edge from U2, has run into funding problems, with Variety reporting "The halt is attributed to cashflow obstacles that producers… are working to resolve." As it’s rumoured to be an extremely elaborate and costly production, this might not be surprising, but no delays in the start date are predicted. But who, sitting here, actually wants to hear a U2 penned Spiderman musical? Anyone? Just the masochists at the back? Meanwhile, on a slightly more credible tip, tickets for the Green Day musical have gone on sale early. This is a much smaller production than Spiderman (although Elton John could probably get married again with a smaller budget than that) and you won’t have long to see it. The band have said it might even become a movie.

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