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Slipknot’s Mental Health Advice

If you only have a passing acquaintance with Slipknot, you might not be expecting them to issue advice about mental health. But fans will know that singer Corey Taylor has battled such problems when he was younger, and is therefore able to give advice from the heart. And give it he has done, with a video shown at the Kerrang awards offering the following words:

“Anything you're feeling right now, no matter how strong you feel it, it's temporary. You have incredible lives ahead of you, you have incredible things you can accomplish…If you feel that you will have an amazing life. Do not let anything build a wall to high for you to get over it – I know that might seem very cliched but I've had a lot of friends who've hurt themselves, but all of that stuff is so temporary…You can get through it, you're stronger than you think, you'll always be stronger than you think.” And this is coming to young people direct from Slipknot, not a doctor who you might feel lives in a separate world to you.

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