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Snoop Dogg Mixes...Johnny Cash?

Snoop Dogg’s legend in rap music is secure, but he’s recently tried his hand at executive producing. Who is it, an up and coming hip-hop star? Some shapely pop strumpet? No! It’s remixes of Johnny Cash, one of the most iconic country music stars America has produced. An album, simply called Johnny Cash Remixed, features thirteen of “The Man in Black”’s tracks reinterpreted by stars such as Alabama 3 (best known for the Sopranos soundtrack), Sonny J and Snoop himself, who appears on a version of ‘I Walk the Line’. The project also has Cash’s son John as an executive producer and he’s keen, saying “My father made his stead defying the expected and accepted way of things. He set the standard at the same time. He would have loved this remix record.”

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