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Soulja Boy Fans Cause Upset

At the beginning of Soulja Boy’s RnB smoocher ‘Kiss Me Thru the Phone’, he recites a twelve digit number as part of the ‘phone’ theme. Some fans took this a little too seriously and rang the number hoping to get a little bit of Soulja Boy’s lovin. Unfortunately, in Britain the first section is actually a genuine phone number, and an Oldham family have been harassed by up to sixty calls a day, including some who refused to believe they didn’t know the singer: “"They insist that we must know him in some way, we have to be 'special' to him. Some of them are devastated when we have to tell them that he doesn't live in Oldham, but over the other side of the Atlantic." Oh dear. Luckily, the family have seen the funny side and are sure things will quieten down when the tune falls out of the charts. Presumably if this were another country (naming no names) they’d have sued.

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