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Sugababes: Fred Tribute an "Accident"

When those of a certain age heard the new Sugababes single ‘Get Sexy’ it bought us out in a cold sweat and reminded us of a dark past, where bald men had a pop hit with ‘I’m Too Sexy’. The Sugababes have now revealed that this wasn’t a deliberate homage or cunningly planned culture archaeology, but an accident. They told Teletext (yes, it is still going, but not for much longer): "The producers were messing around going, 'I'm too sexy for the studio'. We were like, 'That sounds cool', and [the producer] said, 'You remember that Right Said Fred song?' "We were like, 'Do you think we can do it?' By accident it came together." While we’re here, we’d like to take a moment to mention the name of these producers: The Smeezingtons. Yeah, that sounds hip and not like a 70s children’s TV show.

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