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The Doups - 5 Gigs in one 1 Day - from a Catamaran

It wasn´t enough to try 4 gigs in one night in March. Now "The Doups" are planning something so different even the Banks are thinking about Sponsoring it.

To promote the launch of The Doups upcoming self funded mini album, 5 gigs will be performed this summer to huge amounts of people on Beaches along the Costa Azul in Portugal. From a Giant Catamaran with generators, PA and backdrop, The Doups will perform 20 minute sets starting at one beach and eventually working their way down to 4 other popular spots. The planning stages of the promo event sounded so impossible that adding a film crew, street "beach" teamers, extra emergency service personnel and even a helicopter camera shot made the whole thing so ludicrous that sponsors are taking it very serious. The idea is simple; if the money comes, the video is done and sponsors get their Logo on a huge sail. If full sponsorship doesn´t come then there is a chance we´ll go to the beach anyhow!. The event date will be a surprise ..... to everyone involved. If your planning a trip to Portugal this summer and wish to take part please join our mailing list through myspace.com/thedoups

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