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The Silk Pigs

The Silk Pigs have been slinging their bacon all over the north west, Channel M live show on Breakfast TV in Machester on Jan 5th, THREE once a month residencies confirmed (Fluid Live Lounge - St Helens, The Boulevard in Wigan and Bumper - Liverpool) A deal offer from Bizarre Artists that we turned down for reasons of our own, SJP promotions have offered to get our album done and packaged for free, we got a top man in Frank Hedges helping us get out there giggin ( we love u frank!!!) and of course, more and more people joining in with the fun every gig. The gigs are getting longer (between 1 and 2 hours in length) thanks the residencies, we really can let go and improvise in the bacon rock format we all know and love and we have a possible tour of Europe looming with the Frank Zappa Foundation. The final thing is our Facebook group with 445 people and growing. Nice!!!

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