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Those Bizarre Lady Gaga Penis Rumours

Normally we don’t report totally random rumours in the news section, but sometimes those rumours cross over, become big and need mentioning. We’re prompted to do this by the Enemy’s lead singer making a reference to it at a large British festival, which we feel marks a crossover point. So, the rumour: pop strumpet Lady Gaga has a penis. Yes, bizarre we know, and reminiscent of all those historical slanders where a woman was attacked through fictional sexual habits (such as Catherine the Great having sex with a horse. Which she didn’t.)

So how did this start? After all, it’s not like Lady Gaga exactly covers herself up. Well, a bulge revealed during a festival performance was interpreted by some as a cock, and when she was asked about it in an interview after she allegedly took the idea and ran with it. The internet then seized upon the story, and the web has been discussing whether Gaga is a tranny ever since. Katy Perry weighed in with a belief that Gaga has started the rumours herself with the careful placement of a dildo and is enjoying the extra publicity. I suppose we should just be thankful it’s not the current generation’s version of the stomach pump story again.

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