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User Created Tunes for ‘Rock Band‘

Are you one of the people who actually bothered to learn an instrument instead of putting hours and hours of practice into Guitar Hero/Rock Band just to play a game? Well, now you’re going to have to look at those games in a new way, because people could soon be buying your songs to play on it. Yes, the makers behind Rock Band are launching the Rock Band Network, where members of the public can upload songs they’ve written and adapted to the game for play testing by members of Microsoft’s XNA Creators Club. When the track has passed through this (i.e. the kinks have been ironed out), the song will be available for people to buy and play, and you’ll get royalties. Now, while the system is likely to be swamped with nigh-on-toxic audio sludge, don’t discount the potential for spreading your music. Bands featured on these music games have experienced an uptick in sales, so a small act could, conceivably, make ripples with a good tune.

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