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Wolf Finally Apologizes for Hissy Fit

When Patrick Wolf’s performance at the C/O Pop festival in Cologne was stopped early last week, Wolf reacted by spitting, throwing equipment and swearing his head off. His tweets following the incident were far from contrite, but he has now apologized in a statement on his Myspace blog, claiming the spit/furniture was aimed at an empty part of the venue and not directed at anyone, despite quite clearly shouting out “bitch” while doing so. It’s not a total apology, as there’s plenty of excuses thrown in, such as “I felt my animal instinct to protect my audience”, and you do get a feeling it’s either taken him an awful long time to calm down or someone’s had a word because he was looking like an overgrown child. Still, you don’t have to read the statement as he’s provided a handy summary:

“major miscommunications backstage x lack of sleep due to very busy schedule x singing many songs about battling x an intense education from the extreme parts of london nightlife/wildlife/streetlife as a teenager x steve strange going on very late x a full day of cameras flashing and questions x being 26 years old and should have known better = bad wolf”

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