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Live Review: 1975 in Brighton

  • By david
  • 8 Oct 2013
1975 live review from Brighton Concorde 2

The 1975 – Concorde 2 by Jake Sayer


Whether being called Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep or Drive Like I Do, it’s clear that The 1975 have had a significant boost in their career recently due to their hit single, ‘Chocolate’, which recently came out on top of Radio 1’s compilation of the top 100 most played songs of the last 5 years. Therefore, when they entered the stage of The Concorde 2, Brightonm  in front of the growingly familiar fluorescent white box, usually containing words, ‘THE 1975’, but instead enclosing George Daniel and his leopard print drum kit to the title song of their debut album, “The 1975”, high expectations were held by ouselves and the crowd.

Slightly  anxious of the fact that as they had just released their chart topping album they may only play a few of their by now legendary EP tracks, we were pleasantly surprised there was a good spread from both EP’s and the album. Their upcoming single, ‘Girls’, with its clear 80’s vibes got everyone dancing and showed the Manchester quartet are more than just a glorified indie band which happened to get lucky.

 It was also good to hear ‘Milk’ played. Being the hidden track in the “Sex”EP only the more dedicated fans of their growing army would have recognised it.

The concert drew to a close with the band playing “Chocolate” and  SupaJam found itself joining in with the crowd baying for “Sex” (admitedly not for the first time in our lives) and the band came back and gave us just what we wanted.


Having hit No1 in the album charts and playing the A List festival circuit this Summer, it was refreshing to see them in such an intimate environment – Catch ‘em now before the enormodomes gobble them up.