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Album Review: 28 Boulevard- Sunclouds EP

  • By Nick Tompkins
  • 26 Apr 2014
  • Release Date 26 Apr 2014
28 Boulevard may not be the innovators of college rock, but boy do they do it well...

Cambridge college rockers 28 Boulevard are probably not a band you've heard before, but after being hotly tipped by NME, they're most likely one you'll hear again. Emerging with their debut five-track EP, Sunclouds, these preppy newcomers unleash their surf-punk racket for the first time.

Sunclouds sounds exactly what it's like to be a bored, uninspired teenager who has absolutely zero shits left to give the world. The band's current single 'Electric Feet' is a hook-laden fuzzy beast, both unashamedly teenage and undeniably catchy, building into an inpenetrable wall of overdriven guitars in a brutal crescendo. Following closely behind is 'Space Arms, with the wonderfully blunt line, "don't be such a wastemaaaaaaaan..." and it's Spector-esque guitar riff, is arguably the highlight of the EP.

‘Let’s Get Uninspired’ with its lazy rhythm and mellow guitar has a hum of Peace and Swim Deep to it, giving a subtle taste of the diversity the fresh-faced five-piece have under their sleeves; this side to 28 Boulevard is also showcased in 'Timing Is Key', interrupted by bursts of crunchy guitars and stomping rhythm.

"It's not my fault that you're burning" groans singer Tim Lloyd Kinnings in the sensational 'Fare Thee Well', a grungey, sludgy tale of leaving a girlfriend for another woman. With a truly irresistible chorus, this one feels like it would be an absolute belter at a live show; when listening to this nugget of 28 Boulevard’s relentless noise you can almost smell the sweat of hundreds of fans, and feel the impact of a flailing limb slammed into your face in a moshpit.

With an absolutely filthy attitude and extremely impressive songwriting ability, the Sunclouds EP may just be the perfect introduction to our next indie rock heroes. The first of their kind 28 Boulevard are certainly not, but it's not often you see such a potent, well-established blend of teen rock like this...



Watch the official video to 'Electric Feet' here: