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Album Review: Album Review: I Will Build You A House by Goldie Reed

  • By SupaGEM
  • 2 Apr 2014
  • Release Date 4 Feb 2014
Honey vocals and vintage sass, Goldie Reed grabs our attention with 'I Will Build You A House'

Goldie Reed

'I will build you a house' EP



The opening track 'Mr Rich' of 'I will build you a house' comes in with a slap guitar sound which eases into classic swing. The honey vocals of Goldie Reed are a effortlessly silky but retain the punchy vibe and tone of the song.

The EP has additional mandolin and banjo twangs throughout the second track 'Nobody'. This gives the track a hazy southern American lilt. Goldie's vocals in 'Nobody' have a seductive and hypnotic element and she plays the part of a southern belle in such a sultry fashion that she increases the intrigue for the following track.

'Glory' has a slightly more mellow country tone and a slow build which is probably the cold shower after the hot entrance of the first two numbers. The song again inspires images of a hazy drive on a summers day, especially with the choir-esque vocals over the country guitar. It haunts of similar guitar sound used by Jack white in Wanda Jackson collaboration.


The punch and sass springs back by track four 'What's it all for' and not a moment too soon.         The track brings back the hip swaying jolts that remind you this woman is embracing her sensuality and the lyrics 'Are you crying are you smiling, are you lying are you buying baby?' hint at the questions a woman may ask a man. But the contrasting attitude of the vocals suggest that Goldie really doesn't care for such aimless pondering.

The final track 'I will build you a house' proves Goldie's versatility as an artist. It's clear that naming the EP after this song is to highlight it as the focal track. Perhaps this is because it gives the greatest opportunity for the listener to hear the quality and range of Goldie's voice.  The song is melodic and reassuring as though trying to placate any worries you may have and Goldie lays her smooth harmonic vocals on the track and you are instantly lured to comfort.


The key tracks to look out for would have to be 'Mr Rich' and 'Nobody'. Both these track are bringing the good old fashioned sass and attitude that has been missing from the modern music scene.



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You can grab yourself a copy of 'I will build you a house' HERE