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Live Review: AlunaGeorge at Reading Festival

  • By AndyVale
  • 26 Aug 2013
  • Event Date 25 Aug 2013
Supajam reviews both Aluna AND George at Reading Festival

It's a first trip to the festival for George Reid and Aluna Francis. Anticipation is high to see what one of the most hotly tipped new acts of 2013 are able to deliver when plopped in front of a crowd.

Aluna, with red top and pigtails, dominates much of the stage in an excited snake-like manner. She glides effortlessly through the verses and becomes exuberent in some of the choruses. George is quite happy to be in his own little world, creating the mildly innocent electronic template for Aluna's elegant vocals to dance around on.

The undulating doo doo doo doodoodoodoo that signals the beginning of 'White Noise' sends a leathery ripple around the tent as it undulates into life. Closer 'Your Drums, Your Love' blossoms like a mechanical meadow. It's as if a machine has acheived sentience and is expressing its desire for something other than the mundane purpose it was intended for. It's all so damn smooth.

George and Aluna were backed by a live drummer and a bassist. It must've been tempting to shove in a ton of other bells and whistles, but keeping it relatively minimal was a smart move. The sound doesn't get cluttered, and it means that every aural nuance of the titular members is there to be savoured. The sound could easily be made into a giant club-type thing in a live environment, but they stand out by sticking to their Electro RnB guns.