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Single Review: Black Dice - Pigs

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 4 Apr 2012
  • Release Date 4 Apr 2012
completely unlistenable crap from Black Dice. Good for pretentious idiots, or, at a push, serial killers

Hi. I'm a music critic. Years of relentless exposure to new and wildly varying sounds have utterly crippled any sense of aesthetics I might once have had. As a result, the only music I can now endure is mental, head wrecking shite that no one else could possible listen to, purely and simply because it sounds different to the hordes of mind numbing dross I wade through otherwise. For some reason this makes me better than you. Anyway, I, like several other critics, was quite excited to see that the kings of producing fucking horrendous musical turds, Black Dice, had popped up with another single. And, stone me! It's as unlistenable as ever! Result.