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Single Review: Bombers - Drawing Buddy's In A Cult

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 9 Jan 2013
  • Release Date 9 Jan 2013
Underwhelming and over hyped new indie from Birmingham

Imagine if The Horrors were still The Horrors, but their singer was a bit crap. Hello Bombers! For some reason this Birmingham 4 piece is causing a stir, and fair play, the band can play their goth/punk/garage with the right kind of vinegar raising vigour, but I'm really struggling with David Duell's vocals. The kid really ain't got any presence in his voice. Maybe it's a different story live, but on record he sounds like a weedy Marc E Smith knock off dreaming he's in The Birthday Party. By the time he was droning on about Buddy being in a cult on the B Side (Woooo! Cults are, like, Krazy!) I was disdainfully snorting into the sleeve of my ratty critics jumper and taking mean little sips of tea in disgust. Still, look on the bright side Bombers; getting a hater means your doing something right... right?