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Live Review: Bush and McCluskey at Galtres

  • By Liz_v
  • 28 Aug 2013
  • Event Date 28 Aug 2013
Bush and McCluskey have us rolling around with laughter

Two guys, two guitars, and two stories of the ups of downs of love lives. Sounds like it could be cheesy right? Not one bit! Bush and McClusky managed to give us a break down of both of their rocky, at times successful, and at times just down right cringey run ins with women in an hours worth of comedy gold! Relaying what were hilarious jokes in such witty ways through the use of music, and at times complimenting dance moves, the duo really nailed musical comedy. Not only were the jokes so relatable that most of the time someone in the tent was making a knowing grunt or laughing at their own comparatively embarrasing moment, but the two delivered in such a quick way that there was never a moment where we werent at least smirking slightly to ourselves.

We definitly like to see some more of Bush and McCluskeys material and if you do too pop along to their facebook page for some more info.