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Live Review: Buzzcocks at Benicassim 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 15 Jul 2012
  • Event Date 15 Jul 2012
Buzzcocks play at Benicassim 2012. Supajam goes and reviews.

Pockets of pogo open up in the crowd as Buzzcock's emphatic old-school pop-punk thunders around the stage. It's immediacy still resonates and its rawness has not lost the ability to whip up a rowdy bunch of rockers.

Towards the end of the set there is a feeling that a lot of the crowd are waiting for the big hit. When 'Ever Fallen in Love' comes, all is well for a couple of minutes. The song meets at the apex of creativity, emotion and simplicity. Once it is finished a large section of the crowd begin to drift off. It's a shame, but with Noel Gallagher about to start elsewhere you would probably do the same.