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Single Review: Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 15 Oct 2012
  • Release Date 15 Oct 2012
Huge dance floor nonsense from Harris and Flo

Jesus Calvin, you've got the formula smashed. Teaming up with Florence 'foghorn' Welch, Harris has once again pushed the big red 'rave alert' button and unleashed a ridiculously big pop dance monster. Whether you like it or hate it is completely immaterial at this point, if you think you won't hear this blasting from car windows, hairdressers and shoddy latte night take aways from now til Christmas, you are very much mistaken. It's got top of the charts written all over it so you're either gonna have to accept it into your life or move to a cave, or cut off your ears. Choice is yours.