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Single Review: Declan Zapala - Broken Rhapsody

  • By AndyVale
  • 16 Jan 2013
  • Release Date 16 Jan 2013
Supajam reviews Declan Zapala's debut single.

We first saw Declan Zapala busking at Hop Farm Festival back in July. We've kept an eye on him since then and were very pleased to see him drop this little thing on Monday.

Putting together original pieces in this percussive-fusion guitar style takes time, but we're glad that Declan has finally got around to releasing his debut single. It's more of a sweeping blustery rain in a lot of places than a torrential downpour, but that works as a lot of solo guitarists clutter their pieces with too many clicks and notes. It all looks nice but it's not something you'd actively listen to, Declan has avoided that pitfall and everyone wins as a result.

A very Jazz-y breakdown at about 2 minutes with some hastily loosened strings is a highlight, which is then taken forward to build up a very husky boogie full of bass. That sounds like something you'd pick out of your nose, but it's actually very moving in a sloopy jive sort of way.

I'm sure there are some far more technical comments I could be making about the playing and arrangement, but I'm really not qualified to do so. However there are numerous little pockets of both aural and visual brilliance to keep you entertained. Watch the video below and find your own examples.

All proceeds from the single in Jan, Feb & March will be donated to the UK homeless charity Crisis, so you should go and buy it here.