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Live Review: Disappears at Benicassim 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 13 Jul 2012
  • Event Date 13 Jul 2012
Supajam checks out Disappears' set at Benicassim 2012

After Los Tiki Phantoms surprised a lot of people with their opening set yesterday, it's impossible not to excitedly anticipate what might be kicking off the main stage today. As four normal looking men come out looking to make slightly more normal music than yesterday, it's clear that this is a different sort of affair. Oh well, time to review the band solely on their own merits...

Chicago's Disappears kick in with some perfectly decent Indie-Rock that skirts Shoegaze. It's the kind of stuff that someone in their basement who has taken the time to get into it probably thinks is genius, while everyone else is happy to enjoy but forget. It's a tad self-indulgent at times but it usually gets somewhere good in the end. The excitement picks up with some choppier moments and the early arrivals gets something to bob along to.