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Single Review: Don Broco - Whole Truth

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 28 Feb 2013
  • Release Date 28 Feb 2013
Manufactured boy band in not- all-bad single shocker

All round the land A&R men know that the shiny production line pop gig is up. Pretty much everyone has come to their senses and realised that X Factor is probably a bit poo (including, we're fairly sure, Cowell) and as a result record labels are desperately trying to transmute shitty boy bands into 'real' guitar bands.

Step forward the crisply attired, Sony backed Don Broco, cheek bones and widdly guitar riffs present and correct. Every fibre of my body tells me to hate Whole Truth for the over produced pap it is, but gahhh, and it's killing me to type this - I quite like the breathy delivery of the first verse. Lucky for me things quickly descend into a horrible identikit rock chorus that I can get on with disliking. Phew. Credibility intact. Really though, for manufactured pop toss, this ain't bad. Good luck to them. Anything's got to be better than another record by Ollie Murs...