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Single Review: Drums of Death The Jerk

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 27 Dec 2011
  • Release Date 27 Dec 2011
Quality bouncing techno joy from DoD

Seeing as I was so mean earlier today about Benny Benassi, I feel it’s time to redress the dance music balance. Skull masked Scottish angry man Drums of Death has just bought out the four track Red Waves EP, and very nice it is to, particularly second number The Jerk. The Jerk is best described as good time matey techno. It’s a bit cheeky, a touch bouncy, a lil sleazy and a smidgeon dirty, in short- the perfect party guest. I want it to have an accompanying video of Adidas clad wolves smoking Bensons and sitting on the side of a trampoline, occasionally getting up for a bounce until they get a bit wheezy and have to sit back down. Go on, imagine it while it plays. It’ll make you feel good.