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Live Review: Early Ghost at Hop Farm 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 1 Jul 2012
  • Event Date 1 Jul 2012
Early Ghost open the Bread & Roses stage at Hop Farm 2012

Early Ghost are the final band of the weekend that Supajam has got onto the Hop Farm bill, hopefully they'll be really good so that we're amazing by association.

After a misty country opener, every member of the band changes instrument with the exception of the drummer. A clarinet and a trumpet were suddenly whipped out for an Eastern European sounding belter, that got some solid foot stomping going.

The instrument switching happened between pretty much every song. It gave the set a variety of flavours but it did mean there was a bit of stop and start.

That's a nitpick though, it didn't seem to bother the comfortably sized crowd sheltering from an ominous cloud.