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Single Review: Eaux - Too Dark To Tell

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 16 Jan 2013
  • Release Date 16 Jan 2013
Eaux deliver dark mysterious tones, think The xx with more overt vocals

It's a surprise that The xx's success hasn't seen bands and labels rushing to cash in on their uniquely sparse sound. I guess it's testimony to the band's ability that we haven't seen a glut of xx lite jokers pushed by Universal and EMI in a desperate bid to appeal to 'the kids' - anyone who remembers the tidal wave of chirruping indie chancers flooding the gap The Libertines left will be more than aware of that depressing cycle. So, to the point; Eaux utilise the same spectral structures as The xx. But they do it well. This doesn't feel like a cynical cash in, more a band with doubtless similar influences expressing themselves in an honest, satisfying way. Too Dark To Tell has a hypnotic guitar and synth pulse running throughout, an almost-not-there bed for Sian Ahern's ethereal vocals to layer over. There's virtually no percussion and the track feels like it was recorded in a flotation tank being lowered into a dark lake. After last years intiguing I EP, this single goes further to suggest that the band may produce some truly sublime moments in 2013...