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Live Review: Everything Everything at Reading Festival 2015

  • By Matthew_James91
  • 30 Aug 2015
  • Event Date 30 Aug 2015
Everything Everything at Reading Festival 2015

Everything Everything bring all things pop shimmer to a Reading Festival winner this Saturday afternoon. 

Taking to the stage in matching red jackets and a background looking not too dissimilar to a Tequila sunrise, it’s clear from the get-go that we’re in for a real treat under the watchful eye of Everything Everything. 

Is it tropical? Is it a nod to Whitney Houston? Whatever it is, Everything Everything hardly break a sweat, effortlessly drifting through their varied set with the crowd sitting snuggly within the palm of their hand. Amalgamating their vast array of influences, there are no tired moments or wasted seconds and with this, it’s refreshing to witness a live performance that doesn’t offer the habitual free offering of a ‘piss break’ song. I’m engaged, in tune and vividly observing the expressive from the first minute to the last. It is impossible to ignore the inventive drumming of Michael Spearman and the extraordinary range of Jon Higgs, whose abnormal grasp of melodic construction ties everything that Everything Everything do together. A special mention should also go to lead guitarist Alex Robertshaw who ensures that, amid all the choreographed clothing and sing along choruses of songs such as Distant Past, the band don’t fall over the edge of the proverbial cotton candy machine into the territory of too sweet, too nice and too sickly. 

The now Manchester-based outfit offer a little bit of everything to their watching crowd, with an eclectic mix of old and new. Fan favourite Photoshop Handsome from their debut record Man Alive triggers an outpour of euphoria and questionable shapes all round (me included), whilst newer material such as that of Regrets from the critically acclaimed, Get to Heaven, certainly don’t look out of place. 

With Everything Everything, nothing is left to chance - there is no filler. With their unashamedly slick pop, they spread an infectious charm over all that surrounds them in the NME tent to produce an almighty performance on Saturday afternoon.