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Single Review: Foxygen - San Francisco

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 11 Jan 2013
  • Release Date 1 Nov 2013
Annoying hipster bollocks from a band with a terrible name.

As a rule, I'm against the lazy use of the term 'hipster' applied to anything with a hint of artiness about it. I can tell you what definitely isn't hipster: Take Me Out. If that's the alternative, I'll generally take skinny jeans and a stinking East London basement anyday. However, Watching the Foxygen video has pushed my tolerence for arch, ironic knowingness to breaking point. Singer Sam France's facial expressions alone had me gnashing my teeth in impotent rage, hands clenching as I imagined crushing his pointy cheek bones to a fine, albeit utterly useless, dust. In the spirit of fairness I switched tabs and listened to latest single San Francisco without watching, and concluded that, yes, it was indeed a whimsical, derivative piece of shit sung by kids with too much spare cash and time on their hands. Right wingers take note - it really does present a remarkably strong case for reinstating National Service.

Annoying, and crap.