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Live Review: Gilmore and Roberts at Galtres Festival

  • By Liz_v
  • 27 Aug 2013
  • Event Date 27 Aug 2013
Gilmore and Robert at Galtres

We'd heard some good vibes about these two on the folk circuit and to be honest we had high expectations. Recently nominated for BBC Folk Awards 2013 Best Duo surely they had to be good...

Casually cool and collected in front of one of the biggest crowds we saw all weekend in the Black Howl tent, Gilmore and Roberts were thankfully what everyone needed on the last day of Galtres.

There were a few things that were particularly brilliant about the duo. Firstly, wow those harmonies! Two voices working so perfectly together? A very fine thing! Secondly, who knew that everyday objects could make for such interesting lyrics? I mean a Sat-Nav as the lead character in a song of companionship? Strangely it worked. It's rare to see a band - let alone a duo, that can deliver such a spectrum of the folk genre. From the spine-tinglng rawness of a poetic traditional song, to the community spirit of a high energy folk band. Gilmore and Roberts had us hooked thoughout!

For more information about them have a little look at their website