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Single Review: H Hawkline - Black Domino Box

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 24 Aug 2012
  • Release Date 24 Aug 2012
Psychedelic madness from Wales's latest whimsical troubadour

Crazed pastoral psychedelia from Cardiff, Black Domino Box leaves me concluding that we need more H Hawkline in our lives. Pitching his vocal somewhere between Syd Barrett and Roy Orbison on weapons grade meds, H plows a path similar to other Welsh mushroom munchers Gorky's and SFA, lurching through lilting melodies, twanging guitars and a skewed 60s aesthetic. As he lists the various esoteric items he's used to decorate his room (including the black domino box of the title) you can't help but be reminded of the bizarre 'Floyd classic Bike- and anyone who can emulate Barrett's nutso whimsy without being an irritating goon is alright by me.

Hawkline's last couple of releases sold out pretty quick, so we'd advise fans to grab this while you can-- available from Rough Trade


H. Hawkline - 'Black Domino Box' from casey raymond on Vimeo.