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Live Review: Iggy Azalea HP Connected Music at Fabric Nighclub London

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  • 15 Jul 2013
  • Event Date 9 Jul 2013
Iggy Azalea HP Connected Music at Fabric Nighclub London

HP Connected Music continued their series of exclusive concerts last Tuesday with the bubbling ambitions of Australian-gone-American rapper, Iggy Azalea.

The evening began with Britain’s first bout of the highly-successful #ArtistTalk interviews, which saw Iggy pour out about her ceaseless search for home, a musical edification from the front of magazines, and just how much she loved the F-word. The chat culminated with the breakdown of her new song ‘Work’, written about the trials and tribulations of being a 16 year old Australian girl who relocated to Miami on her own.

Once on stage, the sheepish, giggly Iggy Azalea was nowhere to be seen, and a privileged audience of competition winners were met with a high intensity set that was packed full of hits. The intimate ‘Room 1’ of the London nightclub became entranced by the grooves of ‘Pu$$y’, ‘Cheeks’ and ‘Bounce’, as Iggy and a quartet of dancers worked in tandem.

Iggy Azalea's debut album 'The New Classic' is due for release on Mercury/Def Jam in September.

'Murda Bizness'
'My World'