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Single Review: Jesse Ware - If You're Never Gonna Move

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 4 Jan 2013
  • Release Date 4 Jan 2013
Jesse Ware releases a slightly rerecorded version of 110%

Although the title may have you thinking different, this new single from Jesse Ware was featured on her album as 110%. One sample dispute later (with the estate of late rapper Big Pun, since you asked) and producer Julio Bashmore has rerecorded the track, given it another name (the name 110% was a reference to 100%, the sampled Big Pun number) and viola! Chart success awaits. If You're Never Gonna Move is a retro beast, sitting somewhere between the ambient drum n bass of 90s folk - junglists Lamb and the coffee table accessibility of  90s trip hoppers Morcheeba. Whilst Bashmore's production is as subtly nuanced as ever, and Ware can deliver the smokey vocal with ease, I can't help but still find it all a touch polite - probably no bad thing when it comes to radio play, but personally I prefer a lil more fire...