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Live Review: Joel Baker at Reading Festival

  • By AndyVale
  • 27 Aug 2013
  • Event Date 23 Aug 2013
Joel Baker performs at Reading Festival and Supajam have some words to say about it.

Young man walking out onto the Introducing stage with an acoustic guitar and a slight scowl, after we are told he's from Nottingham and has a big following on YouTube. At very first impression we're expecting something akin to a similar upcoming artist with the initials JB. (That's Jake Bugg, not Bieber. Bieber's not from Nottingham anyway, he's a Stoke lad)

But we're wrong. A delicate guitar acts as a velvet bed for a devilishly soft yet soulful voice. With jeans, a white shirt, and a passionately contorted face singing with sincere depth his manner is mildly reminiscent of a young Springsteen. He just needs a leather jacket. He's also joined by his producer Joe on drum pads.

A mid-set highlight is his cover of Kanye West's 'Can't Tell You Me Nothing', which he proudly adds features his own white boy-ness. It's a passionate number delivered through gritted teeth and rakishly slashed acoustic strums. 'Kiss in the Rain' gets a decent sized gang clapping for him and makes us think of The Notebook *swoons*. Meanwhile, set closer 'Every Vessel, Every Vein' manages to fit in an impressive boys vs girls singalong that is sustained for about two minutes. There's promise here.