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Live Review: Kate Stapley at Hop Farm 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 30 Jun 2012
  • Event Date 30 Jun 2012
Supajam reviews Kate Stapley at Hop Farm 2012

Kate Stapley takes to the Power’s Bar stage in a flowing green dress, ready to attend to the desires of a small collection of sprawled humans.

As she begins a song called Fall From Grace, there is a hearty breeze that blows directly at the stage and takes down half of the banner above it. If they’d seen half of the banner fall from grace then they could’ve dedicated the song to it. That would’ve been cool. But they didn’t do that. Oh well.

Kate tells us that she’d lost her voice recently. At times it showed a little, as the vocal could’ve been a bit stronger. Unless she’s just bluffing and couldn’t sing in the first place, embarrassing.

A sparingly used electric guitar gives effective swooshes through some of the songs. It’s pretty vital as a purely acoustic set would probably sound a little weak in this wind.

The other half of the banner blew down while she was tuning between songs. It’s the second female folk artist whose set has been disrupted by the weather this weekend. Mother Nature hates the sisterhood.