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Live Review: Lianne La Havas at Hop Farm 2012

  • By AndyVale
  • 29 Jun 2012
  • Event Date 29 Jun 2012
Supajam reviews Lianne La Havas' performance at Hop Farm 2012

Oh man, Lianne La Havas has a voice that's more sensual than Barry White pouring butter over Katy Hill.

Her music veers from atmospheric Electronic pieces to slinky smooth numbers, a versatile band set-up means she is able to switch things up with seeming ease. Mid-set she played a couple of solo songs with a smooth Jazz guitar. There was a playful one about a relationship with an older man, mega controversial. She also slipped into the song that they shared their first kiss at Hop Farm, this is probably a lie.

At the end of the song she proposed a toast to Hop Farm and drank something orange out of a cup. Some comedian behind me said that it was wee. He was probably/hopefully lying too.

She brings back half of the band for Empty, an exotic soulful number. Lianne ditches the guitar and midriff is revealed, CALL THE VICAR! She uses her free hands to sway a bit.

As the full band returns Lianne continues the show as she opened it. Different sounds built around a soothing and dreamy vocal. It's a lesson to the army of singer-songwriters out there struggling to stand out. Expand your sound a bit, write interesting songs and make sure your basics are nailed. There's no rocket science here. So if you are a songwriter that sings, give this approach a go and make your own style. Just don't steal Lianne's, because she does it better than you.