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Single Review: Local Natives - Breaker

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 2 Jan 2013
  • Release Date 2 Jan 2013
Indie whispery and classic soul references from Local Natives

With an opening riff lifted wholesale from The Four Tops Motown classic Reach Out, I'll Be There, I was expecting the new single from Local Natives to be a clapping, foot stomping, good time soul throwback- which, as it turns out, is a list of things it's emphatically not. Instead the LA indie darlings put together an introspective, whispery web of a track, a little bit Foals, a little bit Grizzly Bear, with some anthemic vocal 'woooing' popping up on the chorus. It's nice enough, but they may want to avoid referencing one of the greatest soul tunes ever written if they aren't gonna up their game...